New Years Resolutions

By News

Happy New Year to all the dog lovers out there!

Here’s 3 easy resolutions for dog owners, maybe you could try one (or all of them!) this year…

1. More Walking!

Taking your dog on regular walks (or even runs) is good for both you and your dog. And not just physically but mentally too. “When dogs are acting up, which we could think of as being related to mental health, the first line of advice behaviourists give is to make sure they get lots of exercise.” Our Pug Noah certainly plays up if his walk gets delayed. This year at Pug & Puffin we are going to add an extra 10 minutes onto each walk. How could you improve the amount of exercise your dog gets?

2. Good Food.

Just like humans, pets should eat good quality food. Bad diet can result in skin problems, poor coat and teeth, obesity, and the list goes on! At Pug & Puffin we stock Lily’s Kitchen dog food. Please check out a label sometime, it really is the best dog food in the world. Maybe this year you could switch your dog over to a better diet?

3. Play More!

Dogs love to have fun and play. “it improves your relationship and entertains both you and your pet” Why not throw out any old broken toys (or donate any old good ones to charity) and get your dog some new entertainment. Our pug Noah’s favourite toy is the Kong Wild Knots small Bird, and his favourite game: tug of war! Check out the toys we sell at Pug and Puffin and treat your furry friend more regularly this year 🙂